Gel Formula for Omnivorous Fish


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One food, plenty of possibilities
• food in the form of DIY gel with algae, krill and fruit for omnivorous fish
• the preparation is quick, easy and enjoyable
• you can chose the size and shape of the portions
• depending on food preparation you can obtain food in the form of sinking or floating gel to meet the needs of both bottom feeders and fish that feed near the surface
• the consistency of the gel resembles natural food, hence encourages fish to feed
• convenient application and freezing possibility make the food a perfect alternative to frozen foods

A wide variety of ingredients for the health of your fish
• food contains algae (8.5%) including Spirulina platensis, Chlorella vulgaris and Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria digitata (referred to as kelp algae), krill (3%), garlic, red pepper extract and fruit
• unsaturated fatty acids and protein (rich in essential amino acids) from spirulina and chlorella together with vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements from kelp algae (including iodine, chromium, selenium and iron) ensure excellent condition, intensive growth and vitality in fish
• food intensifies fish’s coloration thanks to the high content of carotenoids from natural sources such as krill, red pepper, spirulina and added astaxanthin
• active substances of garlic and spirulina enhance fish’s immune system
• exceptional palatability encourages fish to feed

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