Martin Vassallo


Martin has been member of the Malta Aquarist Society since 1982, when the club was still situated at Tigne in Sliema.

A couple of years after he was appointed librarian and consequently asked by the late Simon Lungaro Mifsud who was president at the time, to join the committee as a regular member. He was appointed as Secretary of the club way back in 2006 and held that position up until the end of 2019. He is now occupying the position of Vice-President. A position that has been left vacant for many years.

His passion for fish started when his cousin gave him a couple of livebearers and has been keeping fish ever since. Martin has also won the Annual Show's Aggregate Cup several times along the years.

Besides fishkeeping, he likes fishing, gardening and watching football.

Andy Bugeja


Andy Bugeja, is a keen aquarist who has been on and off in the hobby for the last 40 years. This is because sometimes family matters and work didn't give him any spare time for the hobby.

Andy has also been broadened his fishkeeping experiences by traveling abroad to different countries to visit tropical fish shows, tropical fish farms, and also attending different conferences regarding the hobby. Along the way meeting and making several friends who are quite known in the aquarium hobby.

Now that he is retired he is offering more of his spare time to the Malta Aquarist Society by sharing his knowledge to help the club achieve higher levels.

He held the position of PRO (Public Relations Officer) until the end of 2019 . He is now occupying the position of Secretary.

Brandon Sammut

Chief Judge

Brandon Sammut has been an active member at the Malta Aquarist Society since 2010 and a committee member since 2015. He has been assigned the responsobility of the Table show.

In 2016 he was chosen to be a judge for the annual show and was chosen as Chief judge since 2018.

He successfully bred several species of fish, including Killifish, Livebearers, American and West African Cichlids, some of which are critically endangered in the wild and some which are rare in the aquarium hobby.

Brandon has always been readily available to help others in problems related to the aquarium hobby. He also helps the members by giving feedback on each entry for the monthly Tableshows. He hopes that by doing this he will help other members understand the optimal way in which fish should be kept thus increasing the level of fish benched at the Annual Show.

David Debono


David Debono has been an active member within the Malta Aquarist Society since 2018. He is also the club's current treasurer.

David has been in the hobby for the past 30 years, starting with a small humble aquarium made of perspex. Since that day, he has always kept fish at home. Thus becoming one of his best hobbies.

Having kept lots of different species ranging from guppies to the mythical piranha, David is no stranger to this hobby.

He recently said to us "The most satisfying moment in this hobby is not when one competes, and wins a trophy, but when we successfully breed our fish and raise a brood from fry to adults."

David emphasizes the fact that "The members should not display their fish to raise awareness within the general public rather than to compete with each other."

Demis Tonna

PRO (Public Relations Officer)

Demis Tonna works as a property negotiatior. He has been into the hobby since he can remember. His father was an avid fishkeeper specialized in Barbs and he followed in the same footsteps.

He is currently focusing on Livebearers and Barbs but would like to broaden his knowledge with respect to other species.

Demis joined the committee in 2019 and he is yet to be confirmed by the members in the April 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Once approved by the members, Demis will hold the position of PRO (Public Relations Officer) in order for the club to keep a positive communication with its members and Local Fish Stores around Malta and Gozo. He will also be the club's representative for media relations and social activities.

Chris Zammit Everest 


Chris Zammit works as a chef. He started keeping fish at a very young age. His uncle used to breed Discus and he introduced him to the hobby.

Chris' other hobbies included dancing but as he grew older his passion for dancing has faded and keeping fish has taken up most of his time.

He currently has around 40 aquariums and he is more focused on Betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) although he states that he likes any types of tropical fish .

Chris decided to join the Malta Aquarist Society in early 2018 and he became a committee member in September 2018.

Chris was responsible for the membership list and kept records with respect to paid members and other data concerning the members up until the end of 2019. He is now the club's Vice-Secretary.

Steve Zammit

Committee Member

Steve Zammit works as a lift technician and is married with two children. He enjoys visiting local fish stores, meeting new people and reading about fishkeeping. He has been a member of the committee since 2017.

He started the hobby at a very young age keeping goldfish. After several years he had his first community tank with guppies, mollies and swordtails and after a few years, changed the setup to a planted tank. Steve recently started a new experience with a salt water tank.

He is one of the people on whom the club relies on with respect to general maintanance and setting up the stands for the Annual show. He also helps a lot within the club shop during our Monthly meetings.

Patrick Bezzina

Committee Member

Patrick Bezzina is 18 years old and currently employed at the St. Augustine College in administration and maintanace section.

He has been passionate about fish keepin since he was 5 years old. He also participated in almost every annual show since he was a member, winning various awards along the way. Patrick has kept Livebearers, Coldwater fish, Cichlids but his favourites are Catfish and other bottom dwelling fish.

In 2019, Patrick had the opportunity to work at the Malta National Aquarium, following a course he completed after finishing secondary school. This experience for Patrick was very exciting since he got to work behind the scenes of each and every tank at the National Aquarium.

During the same year, Patrick has joined the committee after being an ordinary member for more than 10 years. He is yet to be confirmed by the members in the April 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Once approved by the members, Patrick will be responsible for the Junior's Section.


Lawrence Muscat

Committee member

Lawrence is enjoying his retirement having previously worked as a chef in a hotel. He has been a member of the Malta Aquarist Society for the past twenty years and a member within the committee for the last seven years.

His responsibilites within the committee are the tuck shop and general maintenance within the club. Most of his work include the setting up and dismantling of the stands before and after the Annual Show.

Lawrence is a keen enthusiast of big fish and he keeps his fish in big aquaria at home.


Andrea Cassar

Committee member

Andrea Cassar is currently studying for Bachelors in Fish Management and graduated in Advance Diploma in Fish Management.

He has been in the hobby for the past 10 years and had successfully bred several species from Livebearers to South American and Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids. Not to mention that he is also passionate on experimenting with aquatic plants.

Right now he is mainly focusing on breeding Tanganyikan Cichlids and Aquascaping. He is ready to broaden his knowledge and experience not only for aquaria, but also visiting ornamental fish farms and fish farms focusing on fish for consumption.

Andrea joined the committee in 2020 and he is yet to be confirmed by the members in the April 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

Once approved by the members, Andrea will be responsible for the judging of the tableshows.