Dafnia Vitaminized


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DAFNIA VITAMINISED sun-dried Daphnia pulex with vitamins. Daphnia pulex are small freshwater crustaceans of the order Cladocera. They are the main dietary component of many species of fish in the wild. In DAFNIA VITAMINIZED dried, easily applicable Daphnia pulex have been enriched with optimally selected vitamins. Daphnia pulex are the source of many essential macronutrients and trace elements, but above all, they provide chitin – a roughage substance, which regulates digestive processes, protecting fish against dangerous consequences of constipations. For this reason Daphnia pulex are an important component of carnivorous and omnivorous fish’s diet. To fully satisfy fish’s demand for protein and fats, DAFNIA VITAMINIZED should be used together with complete foods for ornamental fish such as ICHTIO-VIT, OVO-VIT, SUPERVIT, VITALITY & COLOR.

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