Guppies Talk 24th March

Dumbo Mosaic Fantail Male Guppies

Without doubt the most popular tropical fish is the Peocilia Reticulata, better known as the Guppy. Guppies are freshwater tropical fish native to South America, and are from the Poeciliidae family. There are almost 300 varieties of Guppies. They come in all different types of colors, sizes and tail shapes.
During this month’s talk we will give a brief overview of the history of guppies, their native habitat and behaviour.

We will also discuss how to take care of guppies when kept in home aquaria, giving attention to tank size, filtration, water parameters and temperature.

Breeding guppies is relatively very easy and fascinating both for beginners and for the experts. We will explain the best way to save the fry and to make them grow until they reach adulthood. We will also spare some time discussing some of the most popular guppy types, aided with beautiful pictures of the most colourful fish.

Although many believe that guppies are the easiest livebearers to keep, lately many guppy lovers are facing new challenges to keep guppies alive and healthy. Cross-contamination, in-breeding, and genetic modifications are weakening the guppy, leading to disappointment for aquarists, who end up switching on to other species. This issue has already been discussed on social media pages and now will be tackled at the Malta Aquarist meeting for the first time.