Aquascaping talk 19th May

The arrangement of plants and décor in a way to provide the environmental enrichment to the inhabitants of the aquarium as well as to fulfil the aesthetic needs of the artist is nowadays being given a lot of importance from various hobbyists. Aquascaping has also been made more easy and accessible thanks to the modern technology available, the diverse plant species on the market and the loads of online discussions in fora and groups.

In my talk I will be discussing the basic principles of aquascaping techniques including layouts and the use of various plants taking into consideration their size, colour, texture and other characteristics.

We will also go through the basic equipment and requirements needed to create such compositions. If time permits we can also have a short question and answer session based on my personal experiences.

Hopefully, this session will enlighten hobbyists with techniques and ideas even if they don’t use aquatic plants in their setups. Creating something that you can gain real pleasure from should be an important aspect for any aquarist. Most of the techniques described can be applied to whatever style of aquascape you choose.

By Ramon Vella.