Next Tableshow 24th March 2019– Pair Mollies

As most of you know the Malta Aquarist Society (MAS) provides the aquaria for the fish to be displayed during the Tableshow. The tanks size is 30x20x20cm holding 12L. It is suitable enough for small fish to be kept in for a couple of hours.

Kindly note that each member may only submit one entry for the Tableshow. He or she must also have renewed his or her membership for the current year.

The next Tableshow which will be held at our clubhouse will be that of Pair Mollies.

There are various species of Mollies one can bring some the most common are the Poecilia Sphenops, Poecilia Velifera and Poecilia Latipinna.

It is one of the most popular aquarium fish in the hobby. Having a peaceful character and an easy fish to keep the molly is ideal for any beginner in this hobby. Many aquarium-bred variations of this species are available, the most common being the Black Molly. Other variations are the Gold, Green, Lyretail, Silver and Dalmation varieties. Some of these are the results of Poecilia Sphenops crossbred with Poecilia Latipinna. These two species will also interbreed easily in the aquarium and in order to avoid this we suggest keeping only type per tank.

Unfortunately due to negligence and overbreeding the‘balloon’ variety of this fish was created. The body is malformed and rounded,giving a balloon-like appearance. This condition can cause swim-bladder anddigestive problems and may bring about premature death.

As said before breeding is relatively easy. Gestation takes around 8 weeks and large broods of up to 120 fry arenot uncommon by full grown specimens.