Next Tableshow 1st March 2020– One Crustacean / Mollusk

The Committee at the Malta Aquarist Society apologizes for the inconvenience caused. Unfortunatley we did not update our website in due to the fact that we were busy with other commitments.

This month's Tableshow has been postponed by one week due to the carnival festivities taking place during the last weekend of February.

A kind reminder that each member may only submit one entry for the Tableshow. He or she must also have renewed his or her membership for the current year.

The next Tableshow which will be held at our clubhouse will be that of One Crustacean / Mollusk.

For this category a member may bench various species like lobsters, crayfish, snails and other crustaceans or mollusks.

This category was introduced way back by the committee in order to encourage our members to keep other species rather than just fish in their home aquaria.