Next Tableshow 19th May 2019– Egglayers Bred by Exhibitor (10 fish)

The Committee at the Malta Aquarist Society apologizes for the inconvenience caused. Unfortunatley we did not update our website in respect to the last Tableshow which was held on the 28th of April 2019. The category was “Pair Characins up to 10cm”

A kind reminder that each member may only submit one entry for the Tableshow. He or she must also have renewed his or her membership for the current year.

The next Tableshow which will be held at our clubhouse will be that of Egglayers Bred by Exhibitor (10 fish).

For this category it is of the utmost importance that the fish brought have been bred by the exhibitor. They must not not exceed 50% of the adult size. Ideally the fish are all of the same size and colour

This category was introduced way back by the committee in order to encourage our members to breed fish in their home aquaria.

There are various types of egglayers one can bench at this tableshow with the most common being Lake Malawi Cichlids. Others include the wonderful discus and also the Betta Splendens.