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17/03/2018 00:03
by Peterpan85
 General Fishkeeping
Public Forum with new posts
New to the hobby
Questions and chats for those who are new to the hobby. Setting your first aquarium or simply have a basic question, we are willing to help...
17/03/2018 00:03
by Peterpan85
Public Forum with new posts
Plants and the Planted Aquarium
For plants, planted tanks, algae problems or other in the aquarium, here's the place!
28/01/2014 18:16
by Trevor Bezzina
Public Forum with new posts
Hardware, Equipment and DIY Projects
Problems with equipment, DIY projects, best hardware products and anything else is to be kept here
28/09/2015 13:38
by Trevor Bezzina
Public Forum with new posts
Marine fish, corals, invertebrates, nano and everything for your marine setup
28/01/2014 23:42
by Trevor Bezzina
Public Forum with new posts
From around the World
This Forum is dedicated to news and fascinating facts which happen all the time in other countries. Research, curiosities and other interesting subjects.
27/12/2012 22:47
by jazz
Public Forum with new posts
Characins, Athernids and Cyprinids
All barbs, tetras, rainbow fish and any other fish of similar species. Questions should go in here!
15/07/2012 10:43
by Cikkus
Public Forum with new posts
Cichlids from any part of the world such as Central and South America, Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria, Asia.... dealt here in the Cichlid Forum
09/07/2015 08:10
by ragingspeed
Public Forum with new posts
Wanna talk about Gourami, Bettas or any other Anabantoids- you can do so here
06/04/2013 15:22
by jazz
Public Forum with new posts
Fish that give birth to live free swimming fish. Any questions on Livebearers will be dealt with here
14/04/2013 19:49
by vassallomartin
Public Forum with new posts
Catfish and Bottom feeders
All Catfish, loaches, plecos and other bottom feeders are discussed here
27/08/2013 12:21
by Corydoras seracin
Public Forum with new posts
Coldwater fish, ponds and plants that thrive in coldwater are all welcome here; plus advice for creating water features in the garden or wherever you want.
04/04/2013 13:50
by vassallomartin
Public Forum with new posts
Brackish, Inverterbrates, killifish and Oddballs
Here we talk about oddballs, brackish, invertebrates and killifish, their setups and needs
28/06/2013 14:38
by polak.krk
 Malta Aquarist Club Affairs
Public Forum with new posts
Open Discussion
Here is the place to discuss on everything that goes around us....all topics are open
28/06/2017 22:43
by Beringu
Public Forum with new posts
Club Activities
News and Information on the Malta Aquarist Society Activities
28/01/2014 23:19
by Trevor Bezzina

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