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Address   Marsaskala Bypass,
Telephone No   21667567
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Aquahobbies Live Stock


Discus Stendker Exclusive certificate

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Dear Customers/ and friends .
We are glad to inform you that we had received these Tropical Fish from Germany at Aqua Hobbies Zabbar with a very special prices!

name size
Ancistrus sp.SUPER-RED 3-4cm
Gnathonemus petersi 10-12cm
Hymenochirus boettgeri bred md
Phenacogram.interruptus bred md
Ancistrus tamboensis 6-8cm
Arius (Ariopsis) seemanni 5-7cm
Chaetostomus sp.var.spotted 5-7cm
Cheirodon axelrodi/COLOMBIA xlg
Corydoras delphax lg-xlg
Corydoras metae lg
Corydoras schwarzi lg-xlg
Hyphessobrycon robertsi md-lg
Hyphess.serpae BRILLIANT md
Megalamph.(Hyph.) megalopterus xlg
Otocinclus cf.macrospilus xlg
Petitella georgia md-lg
Pimelodus pictus 7-9cm
Serras.(Pygoc.)nattereri 5-6cm
Aphyo.bitaeniat.LAGOS RED md
Aphyosemion poliaki wild md
Pterolebias longipinnis 4-6cm
Beaufortia leveretti show
Betta splendens FEMALE lg
Betta splendens MALE xlg
Guppy male NEON BLUE lg
Guppy female MIXED COLOUR lg
Mollien.-velifera DALMATINER lg
Platy COMET RED lg
Pseudeutropius moolenburghae 6-8cm
Cambarellus patzcuarensis 1-2cm
Caridina japonica xlg
Caridina gracilirostris md
Neocarid.heteropoda BLOOD RED md-lg
Pachytriton cf.labiatum 8-12cm
Ghost shrimp lg-xlg
Ap.cacatuoides COLOMBIA wild md-lg
Papiliochromis ramirezi wild lg-xlg
Scalare NORMAL md
Scalare PLATINUM md
Scalare BICOLOR lg
L18 Baryancis.sp.GOLDEN-NUGGET 6-8cm
GF - Comet RED 6-8cm
GF - Shubunkin BUNT 6-8cm
GF - Oranda CALICO 5-6cm
Disc.wild HECKEL CROSS/MARI M. 12-15cm

Thank you
Best Regards

The biggest innovation in aquatics has arrived exclusive at Aqua Hobbies.

Understanding what is happening inside your aquarium is vital to ensuring that the aquatic life remains healthy. This revolutionary water monitoring device allows you to continuously track the changes in the water parameters, alerting you to the problems before they affect the fish. Protect your fish with a seneye monitor.


Ever lost a fish and not know why? Ever experience new tank syndrome and wished there was a way of knowing when the water is safe for your fish? With a seneye Home it’s now possible for even the most inexperienced fish keeper to be successful and become an expert. Automatic monitoring with a seneye Home can save fish from the devastating effects of ammonia poisoning, as well as from harmful swings in pH and temperature. The intelligent software can even alert the you before there is a problem, so you can relax and enjoy without having to worry – all this and it’s so simple to use.


As the seneye devices are USB there are multiple connection options available. When connected to the Power Adaptor readings are stored every hour and flashing lights on the device indicate if there is a problem. Readings are stored for 35 days and are automatically uploaded once reconnected to a PC.

home pack start from only  €80.00